My Fairymother Is The Glue To The Family

Fairytale endings are not always the case. Sometimes we just have to let go off grudges and remember the good times. My family has always been close when I was younger. We did everything together. We would not always see eye to eye, but every family is like that. It took my grandma getting sick for us to realize how much she means to us. It made us realize family is a gift that we all have to cherish because in a blink of an eye it can crumble. We realized that my grandmother was the glue to our family, holding all of the pieces together.
My grandmother first got sick in November of 2014. She got diagnosed with lung cancer.
The doctors said they caught it early, but they could not surgically remove it so she had to take chemo and radiation.
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She lost a lot of weight. I remember going with her for her treatments. I would have done anything for my grandmother, I even offered to shave my hair off so that she will know that she is not alone and that we could have made it through this. She went through stuff that I would not wish on my worst enemy.
One morning four months after she was diagnosed we had to go to our local hospital in forest because she was vomiting blood. They were waiting to transfer her to Jackson because her oxygen levels were low. After her oxygen levels came up I decided to go home because I did not want to sit in Jackson all day and I had a date. I told her my goodbyes and told her I would see her later. After my boyfriend dropped me off at home my parents were frantic. They were getting ready to go to the hospital in Jackson because Mawmaw was even worse than that morning.

Momma was trying to get in touch with her sisters, who would not answer. Daddy decided to drive to their house which was twenty minutes away. When he got back we were ready to go, we drove the whole forty-five minutes to the hospital.
When we finally got to the hospital we had to figure out my grandmother’s room
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He said that he did not want us to walk in the room like he did. He had walked into a room where he thought his mother was okay but instead she was dead. When he told us that she had passed away all of our hearts dropped. I remember us all bawling and howling loudly. A few of the nurses had to assist us to her room, some of us could barely walk.
When we got to her room Pawpaw Roger was with her. She was lying on the bed with her mouth slightly open, blood bubbles kept coming out and Papaw Roger had to wipe the blood. We all hugged each other and mourned. Losing her impacted all of our lives tremendously.
We all have one person that we love to talk to. Always cherish your family because we never know what Gods plan is. We have to live day by day in remembrance of her. Never hold grudges nor go to sleep while angry at someone. Tomorrow is a new day and we never know what is going to happen. Love your family because once they are gone you have no other one. I just talked to my grandmother and she died that night, it was the worst experience. I should have stayed instead of going on a date. My grandmother died within four months of being diagnosed with cancer. We have no idea what went wrong. We think the cancer was more aggressive

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