My Experiences Of My Career Experience In The Sales Department

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What a whirlwind this semester has been. It seemed like 15 weeks would be such a long time, but in actuality it was done in a blink of the eye. I have learned so much during this internship at the Renaissance Denver Downtown, and it has truly shaped the direction of my career path.
I started this internship with the thought that I was going to learn everything I could about the sales department, so that I could successfully work with hotel sales departments when I was a corporate meeting planning. This career choice changed about half way through semester, and I found out that corporate meeting hadn’t bounced back after the recession in 2008. It was then that I decided to change my future goals. I realized that after discussing this with the sales team that I needed a new plan. I realized I
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My main competencies in regards to the sales department were the core competencies of sales management, conference meeting, and program planning. The core competency that I had the most experiences during my internship was sales management. I related most of my experiences to the sub competencies of Business Traveler Programs, Food and Beverage Sales, and Conference Meeting Rooms. It was a common experience every week that I would sit down with our Sales Manager Kelly’s weekly business traveler’s number’s and count to see how we did for the week and how we were doing for the month. It never occurred to me, before my internship that someone actually counted those numbers and that they mattered. I just assumed that they were just rate programs. In actuality those numbers are extremely important and the relationship that those numbers created. In the beginning Kelly was purely focused on her numbers, by internship end Kelly was focused almost entirely on submitting bids for company businesses and working on her current relationships with Denver
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