My Experience with Biology

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My Experience with Biology

To all who know me, they know how I can’t stand anything that is gross and slimy, or possibly get me in any way, shape, or form dirty. (I can’t stand to be dirty at all!) When I go to the doctors, I can’t even stand to see the nurses poke my arm with a long, cold, sharp needle, so they can get a blood sample. I can’t even stand to watch the shows on the Discovery channel where they are operating on any part of the human body and there is blood oozing from the open flesh of a human being. I find it very hard to swallow when I even get a glimpse of it on television. This has always been my feeling ever since I was little, but when I entered high school and took a College Prep Biology course my feelings on things that are gross and slimy changed quite a bit.

In high school I took a Biology class as every high school student has to do. I felt a little smarter than some of the others, because I was not only taking Biology, but I was taking college prep Biology. The only drawback to the class was I was going to have to a lot of dissecting to do. Now, I know in Biology everyone had to dissect the traditional earthworms and frogs, which I can handle without any problems. The problem I encountered after I entered the Biology class was not the fact that I had to dissect worms and frogs, but I had to actually dissect a fetal pig.

I was not looking forward to this part of the class; I was even considering transferring into the normal, calm Biology class every one of my sane friends had done, but it was too late to turn back now. I vividly remember my teacher passing out the syllabus of his course and talking in a very excited manner about the dissecting of the fetal pig. “Now class, I know the tradition is to just dissect earthworms and frogs, which we will do, but I am anxious to get to the dissection of the fetal pig section of the class.
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