My Experience in Medical School

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It amazed me a lot when I think about the complexity of human body, how every part of the body coordinates marvelously, and what will happen if any part is diseased? Here comes the part of science and technology to the rescue of the body. I was attracted by that thought and have a strong desire to be the part of it that is the reason I choose to study Medicine.

From the 1st year of medical school I was attracted to Internal Medicine. I love to diagnose patients from their symptoms rather than to operate on human body. My liking toward Internal Medicine embarked from my clinical rotations in it. Every time when I saw patients with new diseases, I use to ask them in details about their complains, take physical and also ask my attending about it. Finally after reaching home I used to read Harrison's Principle of Medicine about that disease. From that I was astonished to see how things go wrong with the human body, if single organ is not functioning properly how extraordinarily science has find out ways to treat it.

We had 3 hospitals affiliated to our Medical School. I had total o...
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