My Experience With Writing

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My experience with writing in English class has mainly been a good one. Since I began writing essays in Elementary school I have been a decent writer. I am always working on my writing skills to become a better writer; there will always be room for improvement. Every English class I have taken has taught me new techniques, which helped to strengthen my previous writing abilities, as well as hone newly learned skills. Some of the aspects of my writing experience that I am going to write about are my favorite kind of writing assignments, my least favorite kind of writing assignments, my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and my expectations for Freshman English. Creative writing is my favorite; I believe it is where my writing is its strongest. I like that there are endless possibilities and that it really allows for my creativity to run wild. A particular creative essay that stands out to me is one from my ninth grade year of high school. I was assigned to write about my favorite childhood fairytale, but to put a twist to it. I wrote about Cinderella, and I totally changed up th...
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