My Experience With My Personality

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There are personalities that come naturally but many are nurtured through experiences one has. Through my own life experiences from what I consider a decent normal childhood into now a happy grown adult. Many of my personalities have remained the same while other parts have changed as has life changed especially since becoming a mother. Now, the experiences and personalities I’ll further describe are from my viewpoint and if you ask my friends or family members their opinions it may change slightly. As a viewpoint is only the person describing its perception of things. When I think of personalities that remained the same throughout my life span of 31 years thus far. As far back as I can remember to know I have had a positive outlook on life where I always found the good in something no matter how bad the situation was and consider it my most prized part of my personality. Like when I placed in a detention home that was boot camp style, I would found my positives to be it prepared for real boot camp if I decided to join the military like the rest of entire was employed by. Another is when I was a child and my parents got divorced at age 10. I saw the toll it took on my little my brother who then was age 8 who adored my father as a role model and he was able to keep in contact with my father. Where with me my father wanted nothing to do it with me. I use to think each time he called to speak with my brother and not me instead of being sad or angry, I would remember now my mother is happier and I have more time with her and she was always the fun one who did all the vacations and did her best to make memories for us kids. It was my curious and mischievous side of my personality that I have had since as far back I can remember where... ... middle of paper ... ... several people’s memory recall. By doing a controlled experiment it allows follow psychologist in the field further understand the results and can provide general basis for the way the brain function and recalls things allowing the psychologist a better opportunity to further help their patients. Science and people are forever changing whether it is slow or if you think of it centuries we have evolved lots over time and they we process how we think and gather and provide for ourselves and loved ones. Technology is expanding and as it continues to grow I believe psychologist will be able to find and understand more of how and why people think, act, and recall they way they do. If we can find what the true key to happiness is and eliminate the hatred and evil in the world because everyone would just be happy then that would be a perfectly peaceful world, wouldn’t it?
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