My Experience With My Personality

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Nobody is a perfect person, but everybody has some kind of imperfection. I am someone who is no different. It’s true that there are things about myself that I wish I could change if I could. I am the type of guy who doesn’t admit their faults or issues. All my life, I have had a different perspective on life that may seem different from other people. Whether it is the things I talk about or my actions, people do have an opinion of me. But to me, what I do or say is just my personality. Let’s start with my early childhood in elementary school. You could say that up until now, my time in grade school has been where I have had the best memories. Here, I had best friends who I would hang around with and have a great time. On the plus side, I was a sociable person who could talk to pretty much anyone. It was my personality that was the reason that I was able to get people to be friendly with me. My appearance was something that didn’t concern me since people rarely talked about it or really cared at all. Academically, I was one of the top students in my classes and I really enjoyed learning. As school was ending, I looked forward to the next my life in middle school. Around this time, my physical appearance was changing and I was not thrilled. I have always been the type of person who was shy, but talkative. My confidence is the key to me becoming less shy and more sociable. But in middle school, I was surprised that I gained more weight than I had in grade school. I also did not grow at all which made me feel shorter than I really am because of the extra fat. While there were other things that I liked about myself like chest hair and deeper voice, overall I wasn’t happy. My shyness soon returned which lost me my confidence and I fel... ... middle of paper ... ...elt that I didn’t change at all in the past four years. I contemplated about what life after high school would be. Since high school ended, I worked for a year to earn some money before deciding on going to college. I sat out for a year since going to college was a waste of money if one didn’t know what they were going to do. My first year in college was a complete failure, but I ended up being average. I know my issues are still with me, but I still believe in myself. Although it is the past where my issues weren’t a problem, I have to look toward the future if I ever want to grow more as a person. A silver lining is that despite all this, there are many traits that I like about myself like my height, having a beard, very close friends, my family, and my personality. I know I can’t run from my problems forever, but my qualities are what keeps me motivated and happy.
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