My Experience With Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

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My experience with the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that I went to was an interesting one. I felt a couple different feelings while I was attending the meeting. The first thing that I felt was that I didn’t belong there, because I’ve never been in the situation that these other individuals had been in. The second thing that I felt was awkwardness. I felt awkward because nobody really socialized with me, other than the occasional hello. The third feeling that I felt was of empathy for these people because recovering from alcoholism isn’t easy. I didn’t feel that I belonged in the group of recovering alcoholics at the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.
The people at the AA meeting and myself are very different, which made me feel that I didn’t belong in that meeting at all. I have never been a big fan of alcohol, and the meeting just made me hate it even more. The people in the meeting discussed their situations and how the alcohol had affected their lives, and in some cases, it ruined their lives. That is just a horrible thing for someone to go through due to an addiction. There was ...
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