My Experience With A Multicultural Education

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Students in the United States experience varying degrees of Multicultural Education. To my benefit, I was brought up in a learning environment that was culturally accepting and engaging. I was enrolled in the Franklin Pierce School District for my entire public education career and at Pierce College during my last two years of high school. Since the beginning of my academic career, I’ve been exposed to a learning environment filled with a rich amount of diversity among students which in turn produced well-roundedness in myself. In my experience as a FPSD student, I’ve shared experiences with fellow peers of different races, cultures, and socioeconomic standings. Pierce College boasts an even more specific type of diversity within the student body consisting of a wide range of age groups, exchange students representing different countries and cultures, and students who are serving in the military. The diversity among the student population, combined with two different learning environments allowed me to partake in an educational experience that was dynamic and engaging. I’ve experienced firsthand the benefit of learning through a multicultural education. One of the biggest advantages of coming from a multicultural education is the ability to acknowledge and connect with students from other cultures. This empowers students from different backgrounds to challenge their thinking from perspectives not from their own. When I first enrolled at FPSD in 2003, the percentage of white students in the district was 61 percent. During the 2015-16 year, the percentage of white students in the Franklin Pierce School District was 36%, a drastic decrease. The diversity in the school district I attended allowed us to be exposed to different cultu... ... middle of paper ... In my educational experience I was able to connect with many different students who shared similar stories with me, and with students who stories stemmed from different plots and storylines. Being an ethnic minority, it was reassuring to know that other ethnic minorities were trying to get the most out of their learning in school. Being a Filipino-American, I was able to connect with many of the other people at my high school who shared dual cultures like myself. At Pierce College, I was able to connect and embrace other people’s perspectives and the thoughtful insight they had to share. Being brought up in a multi-cultural environment has helped me develop a strong foundation through sharing life experiences with people from other backgrounds. I feel empowered in my learning and at PLU I’m exploring what I can do to contribute to our rapidly changing world.
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