My Experience With A Canadian Individual

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As a Canadian individual in 2016 I have a very diverse family. My mother and father’s families are very different, but have both been involved in conflict. When discussing my family I will discuss my great grandparents and their experience with conflict in Europe. Furthermore I will talk about their values that have been passed on to me, how these values shaped my idea of conflict and how they shaped my idea of conflict resolution. My great Grandparents immigrated to Canada from Europe after WW2. The war was the reason they decided to leave. In Holland there was a lot of struggling due to the conflict, my great grandfather was taken to work in Germany while my great grandmother was in Holland witnessing soldiers creating conflict. After the war they wanted to leave because the conflict changed the way they viewed their home. My family then came to Canada leaving behind their Dutch identity. As time has went by I no longer value the same things my families would have. My fifth great grandparents would have valued hunting, fishing farming and many other sacred teachings. As time has gone by my family no longer celebrates any Scottish or Indigenous values. Overall we are still very proud of our culture as our Scottish clan crest still hangs on the walls of my family member’s houses. It is even harder to find an Indigenous value or practice that we still participate in today. This is because multiple generations of my family were ashamed of this; My great grandparents practiced the Dutch language when they lived in Holland. The main value that my family had was being had working, after world war two my family needed to work very hard to make enough money to move to Canada. This is a value that is still instilled in my family today. ... ... middle of paper ... ...t. Freedom in relation to conflict resolution makes me wish other countries had these rights in place as well. If these were in place in other countries there would be less conflicts when it comes to denying freedoms to citizens. All my values are very peaceful and the opposite of conflict. In a world where everyone had the same values there would be a lot less conflict, but unfortunately some people value things more such as money, religion or their own culture. My values are also core values in conflict resolution. My family’s history has made me understand that conflict resolution is necessary. Conflict resolution is essential in preventing conflicts in many different aspects such as work and in families. Everyone at some time in their life should experience some form of conflict resolution as it is an essential way to help fix and prevent escalading conflicts.
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