My Experience Of The Cross-Country Road Trip Across America

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Last summer I left for an amazing trip. This was a road trip across America. The three most significant places I traveled to are, Glacier National Park, Montana, Banff, Canada, and San Francisco, California. Cross country road trips are amazing, because you get to see so many cool places. They can change your perspective forever. The USA is especially marvelous, because of how much your landscape changes the farther you travel and how different and unique each state is. This is my experience of the cross country road trip I took with my family. We stuffed our mini van full of everything we would need, clothes, food, camping gear, and more. We spent about a month, planning all of the places we would stay and what sights we wanted to see. We…show more content…
This was easily my favorite part of the trip. It was an extremely beautiful place. The roads were on the edge of mountains, so when you looked down, you could see the lakes in the valleys below. Wild flowers covered everything, making the mountains appear many different colors. At the tops of their craggy peaks, you could see snow and even glaciers. Our campsite was covered in trees, which made it more private and comfortable. Curling up to a campfire and working on a knitting project at night, was fabulous as well as going on amazing hikes with breathtaking views. I was very upset when we got up the next morning to leave, but I was also excited to leave for a city.Our next stop was Calgary, Canada. We showered and washed our clothes, from the previous 7 days. We rented an apartment, which was terrible. The floors were dirty, it smelled bad, and it was really stuffy and hot. I could not wait to escape from that place, so we spent our time mostly out of the apartment and walking around the city. We walked around some malls and ate lunch and dinner in really good places. Trying to continue our knitting projects, me and my mom found a delightful yarn shop and picked out some new colors. I mostly enjoyed my experience there, but the apartment was not enjoyable at
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