My Experience Of Reading And Writing

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Reading and Writing? No big deal! The words reading and writing used to make me cringe. The thought of putting my own ideas down on paper gave me complete anxiety. And worse, the thought of reading 300 plus words made me sick. When assigned papers and reading my stress level would rocket, to the point where I didn’t even want to try. It wasn’t until I realized who my sister was as a writer and reader that, I too, could become half of where she was at. Not only did my sister help me realize who I am as a reader and writer, she made me realize that I could actually enjoy the things I hated most. With the help of my sister and my 12th grade English teacher, I was able to pinpoint what my level as a reader and writer was and helped me learn to question and look into something with a deeper understanding, making these two things seem much easier. My sister is extremely smart, or perhaps brilliant would fit her better. She was a 4.0 student in high school, with a 33 on the ACT, she attends New York university, and having a photographic memory is something to never doubt. Along with being very intelligent, she reads…show more content…
I began to read for fun. I went to the library more to pick up book that looked interesting. I started the series Hunger Games, and found that I was hooked. It was the first series that I read within two weeks. Weeks earlier, reading anything was a chore, taking me up to three weeks to read just on book. But with the help of my sister, I pushed myself based on what my sister did, I found that it became easier and easier. I started to love to read. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would actually enjoy reading words in a book. Not only did reading help my grades go up significantly, I found something I enjoyed doing, it even made reading textbooks, or school assigned books a lot easier to finish. My attitude towards reading was no longer bitter, I found that reading was my escape from the
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