My Experience: My Story Of The Wasteland

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I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, before I start my story. That realistically could quite possibly give some of you Nightmares. (I know I had quite a few, from the experience) Well you know what they say, there is no time like the present. So I should probably hurry up, and tell the story. Since I am keeping you waiting, on my explanation, for my life. Before I enter the nightmare called the Wasteland. On Tuesday, September 23, 3300 A.D I was born a healthy 8 pound boy, In the Bunker Level F on April, 24, 3283 to Mary Rivers (My Mom) a very quiet and delicate women , as well as excellent piano player and very Pentecostal Christian. And Richard Rivers, (My Dad) a burly and ostensive man, also he was an Excellent Cello player…show more content…
15 year later, when I had actually grown up a lot, it was now time to take my D.S.T, I got up very early for it and walked sleepily into the room, sat down in the desk, picked up my pencil and went to work. (They kept us in that room for 5 hours, with only one bathroom break!!!) I sat there thinking to myself, I real got to go to the bathroom, for all of 2 hours. I probably shouldn 't have lied when I use my first one, for a fake trip to the bathroom. In which I really just did it to get out into the halls and read a book. (Hey I never said I was a Saint) After I was done with my test, I ran to the bathroom to use it....... After that emergency bathroom break. I walked sleepily home, to my house to go to bed, because they got me up at 6:54 in the morning for that stupid test. I needed a power nap, since I was so tired from the test and my early awakening. I must of been sleeping for 4 more hours, before I was even being physically able, to get out of bed. Three weeks later when the test scores, came in the mail, I nearly gave my parents a heart attack, when they saw my score. (My Dad had a heart attack later that day, when he saw my grade in Music class, an F-.) I scored a 500/600 in law enforcements, but…show more content…
With film of a group of well-armed people attacking the security guards, and finally the wearer of the D.S.D. But the film cut off before it could be seen who they were. We call them Hyraxes because they remind us of the Hyrax an animal who defends its territory fiercely and since they think this is their territory they defend it fierily. They will kill and be killed for its
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