My Experience: My Peace Corps Experience In West Africa

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It has been almost two years since I completed my Peace Corps service. My life current is drastically different from the perpetual sunny days in West Africa. For once, there are four distinctive seasons where I live, the nearest market is not three hours away, and my home is not a little house in the middle of the maize field anymore! The one thing that has not changed is how often I think about sex — mostly STDs and HIV prevention — as well as women’s health issues and nutrition topics. These were all health subjects that I addressed while serving as a Health, Water and Sanitation Agent and even thought I have left Ghana, my Ghana my set has not left me, and thought about public health are still constantly on my mind. With that in mind,…show more content…
Prior to departure, I was audaciously confident about everything — my ability to pick up a new language as quickly as I learned English 12 years prior, my ability to adjust to a new culture, and how “experienced” I was as an international volunteer. It didn’t take long for me to fall off the self-hoisted pedestal. The fall hurt; my ego bruised. Challenges rose and my prior knowledge did not transfer into easy solution. Knowing how to use a latrine is not the same as building one, and knowing how to build one on paper is not the same as implementing a project for latrine building. The longer I was in Ghana, the clearer it became: I have much to learn to because an expert. It was a harsh truth to face and accept, but it was humbling and necessary in directing me to my next steps — learning the correct skills through proper public health…show more content…
I have learned that no single social issue, complex or simple, is isolated. Rather, they are all interconnected globally and are the each other’s causes and effects. I am excited to continue gaining a global perspective and determined to be a change agent in arriving at a global

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