My Experience Learning With CALL

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Technology has a very important role in my life. I use them every day and everywhere I am. As I work as a school secretary, I use computer and its devices frequently. As an EAD student, Internet, notebooks, headphone, AVA, etc. all of these are at my daily routine. I also use the technology at my leisure time, where I listening to music, watch TV, Play games on my cell phone. So, my life would be worst without the technology resources. My first contact with Call, occurred some years ago when I was type a text in a computer and discovered how I could grammatically correct using a word processor, which is generic software encom-passed by CALL. At that time, I felt myself very excited and marveled with the opportunities in front of me despite I didn’t use CALL to learn language and even know that it was possible such thing. Nowadays, I keep that same enthusiasm with call. As said at the forum, I would probably not be in a university without using technology. It has a tremendous role in my education.
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