My Experience In My High School's Tennis Team

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I first joined my high school’s tennis team when I was a freshman. Although I had little knowledge of the sport due to the district’s lack of a tennis program at the junior high I attended, I still wanted to experience something new. However once tryouts came around, I was one of the unfortunate ones to be cut for no logical reason. The news devastated me and made me feel that I wasn’t good enough to do anything. On the other hand, my friends made the team and encouraged me to try again the following year because they knew I could improve and be great. I took their advice and practiced from days on end the rest of my freshman year to improve and tryout for the team my sophomore year. Through the hard work and determination, I found myself on the team my sophomore year and joining varsity my junior and senior years, which made me feel a lot better about myself. With my participation on the team, I saw that the sport not only taught how the sport was played, but life lessons as well. Every tournament we went to, my coach always told us, “Whether you win or lose, show your opponent respect and gratitude.” Because my high school was known for…show more content…
Being experienced to being a member of the tennis team has prepared me and made me realize the importance of never giving up when times are rough and caring for others during difficult times. I know these techniques will indeed come in handy with life and furthermore lead me to my goal. The qualities I have developed on the tennis team have helped me become a better team member and individual. I now find myself volunteering more in my community to provide an example of never giving up and with the realization that someone is always there to help when you need help. Every day I am reminded that I could have given up. But I didn’t and that is what made me a stronger person to go forth and fulfill my dreams and

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