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In the book, World War Z, by Max Brooks, a character named Roy Elliot says, “When I believe in my ability to do something, there is no such word as no.” (160). This semester in English 112, I have challenged myself to earn an A in this course. After the first day of class back in August I knew this class was a perfect fit for me. I knew the guidelines and expectations were set high and would be beneficial towards my challenge to earn an A. Every night before I go to bed I make sure to back my backpack so that I am prepared with all my material. Another essential part of my bedtime routine is to set my alarm early enough so that I give myself enough time to get ready for my day and arrive to class before it starts so that I am not rushed. My goal to earn an A in English 112 came to an abrupt halt when I noticed that I had failed an assignment, the Bundy Citation Exercise. I received 28 out of 50 possible points on the assignment. I knew that I had to really work hard to earn higher grade on my future assignments. When I got the citation exercise back I notice…show more content…
Last year I read an article that summed up the reality of missing class. I cannot remember the exact math, but it was something like the amount of money you pay to attend college is almost 50 dollars per class. Plus, going to class is a part of my job as a student. I should thank my parents for making me go to go to class everyday in high school, and punishing me if I skipped class. They made me realize the importance of going; I never fell behind and hardly ever had bad grades. The one class that I did miss this semester was due to my own irresponsibility, when I went to bed the night before I set my alarm for 8:30 pm not am. When my alarm did not go off in the morning I slept right through class. My attendance, in my opinion, should not affect my grade. Not only do I come to class everyday but I pay attention and involve myself in class

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