My Experience In College Essay

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College is meant to prepare you for your future career and the real world. So far I feel like I’m adjusting to the fact that I’m on my own here at King’s and don’t have my parents telling me what to do all the time. Becoming independent is a big key that you realize in college and I believe I will definitely utilize that in the real world. So far my experience with college has been good. College is a lot of work and I expected that so I wasn’t surprised when I had days where I had to spend a couple hours at the library. My classes are decent, some are harder than others and I have to put a little more effort into those ones. I also have experienced my first biology and chemistry exams, and they were both in the same week which was very stressful.…show more content…
My parents are not here telling me what to do all the time and I can speak for myself and be independent at college. Although I do miss my parents, I was ready to come to college and take control of my own life. Also the fact that you meet so many new people and become so close in a short amount of time is a good part about school too. I was very nervous before I came to school that none of my friends here would be as funny and nice as my friends back home, but in all reality my friends here are very similar to my friends at home. The hardest part of school would be the fact that I’m away from my dog, boyfriend and family. Thankfully there is facetime so I can always give them a quick call when I miss them. Plus, I only live two hours away so my parents have come down to visit me and brought my dog, which was a great surprise. As for my boyfriend he only goes to school and hour and fifteen minutes away, so I have spent a few weekends at his school, and it’s nice to see what another school is like. Lastly, my fears for the rest of the semester/ year are that I won’t achieve goals I have set for myself or that I won’t succeed as well as I want in my classes. It gets stressful knowing that I have to keep a certain GPA to stay in my program, but I just need to have confidence in my ability to earn the good grades and make it through the
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