My Experience Essay

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The topic of this essay was supposed to be about a story of an incident or encounter in my life that stood out. I had trouble coming up with one and wasn’t able to find any significant event or incident that I could write about. But I decided to talk about something a little different, something a little bigger, that I’m taking part in right now. That is the year of 2015. Stressing over a topic to write, and reading the assignment and topic suggestions over and over again, I realized that this year, a lot has happened and my whole life and my perspective on it has changed, for the good. The many experiences I had, taught me a lot and helped me develop into a better person. I’ve worked so hard this past year and it’s changed the person I am totally and made me better prepared for everything ahead. So for this to make sense, I’ll have to say a very brief description of the position I was in before, to understand how my life took a huge turning point. So I went to the same private school my entire life since Pre-K…show more content…
A couple of friends advised me to apply for an internship with the MTA and I got accepted. This was my first job experience, and it was the best first job I could have possibly got. It gave me a lot of experience and taught me a lot about all the behind the scenes of the transportation system that I use to get around on a daily basis. It’s a great thing to have on my resume and best of all it was a paid position. I also started a small sort of business with a friend of mine that made me some good money heading into college. Along with the money, it also taught me a lot. I learned how to get a point across to someone and communicating with people better. I also found out about almost every scam people try to play in the business side of things. I never had my eyes on any of this stuff and never really wanted to do it but it was an opportunity that passed by me and I took advantage of
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