My Experience At The Lincoln Park Zoo Or The Shedd Aquarium

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Today is the day, August 2, 2017. I have been waiting all summer to go somewhere special with my sister, Kristen. We were either going to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Shedd Aquarium. We finally arrived at the aquarium which looked huge from the outside. We grabbed a map and headed inside where we started to explore and see all different kinds of marine life. First we saw the types of fish, eels, and anemone that live in different parts of the world in different types of bodies of water. My sister and I were very freaked out about seeing an eel that was at least six or more feet long. After that we started exploring the first floor. Our attention was caught by a huge circular fish tank that must have contained more than a thousand fish.…show more content…
We started to touch them and the starfish had such a unique texture. Afterwards, we washed our hands and headed outside and joined a line that was heading into a big, blue tent. We went inside and we were both surprised and excited to see tons of different-looking and sized stingrays swimming graciously throughout the pool. Everybody leaned over and reached their hand in the water, hoping that their hand would touch a back of a stingray. At first, I was scared to put my hand in the water because I didn’t want to accidentally touch the tail of the stingray even though they removed the barbs so they couldn’t sting you. Kristen didn’t have any trouble touching them, but for me on the other hand, it took a little longer. Kristen really wanted me to touch one so she grabbed my hand and slowly put it into the water. Having my sister there with me made me feel a lot less scared. We saw a small stingray heading our way, so Kristen lowered my hand and then my hand touched the back of the stingray. I was surprised of how smooth it was. It was as smooth as a fleece blanket. I was really happy at the end that Kristen encouraged me to touch one. After that I was able to touch a few more, except there was a big black covered sting ray with white spots that was probably five times bigger than the rest of them, that I was scared to touch and so was Kristen. We exited the tent and got our picture taken with the view of the city and Lake Michigan. Going to the Shedd Aquarium was such a fun and interesting experience. Now I can always remember going to the Shedd Aquarium with my sister because of the picture and the snow globe with dolphins in it that I got from the gift shop. We were lucky because we got the last dolphin snow globe the rest of them were sharks. This was a great way for my sister and I to spend time together and I really hope we can do it again
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