My Experience At The Dentist And Watching Silent Films

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I’ll be the first to admit, my enthusiasm when I enrolled in ENG 1020 hovered somewhere between going to the dentist and watching silent films. As a fourth year transfer student, I was not aware that I had to take a basic composition course in order to obtain my degree and I was rather annoyed when I found out I had no choice in the matter. The prospect of constantly writing papers and essays held no appeal for me. I have always enjoyed reading but I’ll admit I’m a little lazy and don’t like to actually write much. In addition to this, I never enjoyed high school English courses because the novels and plays we were forced to read were awful and I felt that I didn’t get a chance to express myself the way I wanted to and instead wrote what the teacher wanted to see in order to get a good grade. Despite my initial misgivings, ENG 1020 has changed my perspective on English courses. Prior to the course, I felt I was proficient in all of the learning outcomes described in the syllabus but through hard work and dedication to improving myself, I feel I have improved my skills the most in writing, researching and reflecting.
Reading is the one learning outcome I feel I have not improved in. The reason for this is that I believe that I am already a good enough reader to not need improvement. This is not arrogance on my part, but rather confidence in my abilities. I have already mentioned that I enjoy reading and it is something I spend a lot of time doing when I have a break from my coursework. In addition to this, I am a senior biological sciences major and I have had lots of practice in analyzing papers and obtaining relevant information from them. Over four years of university, I’ve had plenty of practice in refining these skills and E...

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...ork. I learned to reflect and look for anything that could be improved and work on improving it.
Despite my initial misgivings regarding this course, it helped me to improve my skills in writing, researching and reflecting. The skills I learned led to me increasing my grades significantly and learn new things that would benefit me in other courses in the future. I would not say I’m glad I was obligated to take this course, but I am grateful for the things it taught me and the ways it helped me improve my writing and my mindset. I am now a better researcher and my papers are now more clear, concise and understandable and I am confident I now have the ability to implement these skills in any other setting and not just this particular course. I am also now more open to criticism and recognizing where my work needs improving and making the changes that need to be made.

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