My Experience At The Dental School

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It gives me a sense of pride to reflect back and write about my adventure, where working hard and staying focused has made me the person I am today. Until now I have seized every opportunity I could to increase my knowledge, think critically about my field, to be a better student, a responsible professional and a humble citizen. I entered dentistry when I was not really sure what I wanted to do in life. All that I was sure about was to be best in what I chose to do. Entering the dental school not only made my family proud of seeing their daughter be the first member in the extended family to be a healthcare professional but also put a big responsibility on my shoulder, which at first seemed daunting. When the sound of congratulations faded, the shine and swag of people addressing you as doctor subsided, it started feeling more real. The joy of understanding the meaning behind weird sounding medical terms which are not at all difficult for you to spell, it did seemed exciting. Throughout my undergraduate dental education, I was inquisitive to learn the latest advancements in the modern techniques and their implementation to make dentistry comfortable and effective. This brainwave lured me to study further to make myself better at what I love. While we were taught using basic dental procedure I would dream to be using the best available expertise. With constant self-reflection and evaluation, I elected the next step that would lead me to success and it sure didn’t come easy. With ups and downs in my career and my personal life, I have become stronger, more modest and grateful for all the chances that life offered. I have always been one of the top 10 students in class. But, I wasn’t able to perform my best in my third and final year... ... middle of paper ... ...I have decided to continue the journey with pursuing dental education here, in United States and be a part of community which is ever evolving and innovative. With this statement, I provide you with a recap of my life. As I look back, I see that I have wanted to learn more than dentistry but at the same time, I have always found a way to connect it all back to dentistry. I have acknowledged my connection with the field and a deeper calling towards it. I hereby request you to please kindly consider me for admission to your prestigious dental school and give me an opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge in dentistry and strengthen my foundation to match the standards of dental practice in United States. I thank you for finding time to read the gist of my life story and considering my application for the admission in the dental program at your prestigious school.
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