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Several people attend college for the “college experience,” but I go there to learn. I love to spot connections between something I learned in a biology class to something I learned in a developmental psychology class. I tend to always have a textbook glued to my face, taking in facts and examples, applying theoretical concepts to what I have experienced first-hand. Learning does not stop when I leave a lecture. I learn when I watch people as I stroll through campus, when I interact with students in the dining hall, and when I have a conversation with my roommate. It is surprising how much learning actually happens outside of the classroom. I attend the College of Idaho and I am majoring in psychology and anthropology/sociology. Learning about human behavior has interested me from the time I was a child. I would regularly ask my mom questions like why the elderly gentleman in line at the grocery store was so grumpy or why the teenage girl down the road was always yelling at her mom. Majoring in psychology seemed like a no-brainer to me since it would be this area of study that would best answer these questions, as well as aiding in my understanding behavior and thought processes of children with autism in comparison to “neurotypical” children. Beside my academics, I am involved in many organizations on campus and take part in many volunteer and community service oriented activities. This year I represented my college’s chapter of Psi Chi as treasurer. In this position, I managed our clubs budget and fundraising efforts in order for members to attend the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference this year. Additionally, I, along with other members, provided psychology tutoring for students who needed the assistance. I wa... ... middle of paper ... ...l always have your education.” This statement has stuck with me and is one driving force pushing me to continue my education. After I graduate from the College of Idaho, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in social work and receive licensure in the field. I then hope to work at an organization that specializes in helping people with autism, and then one day open my own agency. Based on my personal experience working with children with autism, I know that there is a lot of potential that these individuals possess; they just need the support system to reach their full capabilities. Helping children with autism is not just a job for me, it is a passion; a passion to understand autism, a passion to help people struggling because of this disorder and, above all else, a passion to help change lives. My education will help fashion my desire to help people become a reality.

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