My Experience At The Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Louis

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On Sunday, April 10, 2016, I had the opportunity to tour the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis with one of my classmates, Mike Zervogiannis. Father Nicholas Smith was grateful enough to give up his Sunday night to give us a tour of the spectacular church. When I first arrived to the site, I could not believe how massive and unique the building was. The church looked like an ancient temple that would be seen in a different country. In addition, the massive double doors made the church look even more intimidating to a person who has never been there. As I walked inside, I was astonished by the murals on the wall inside of the corridor. Father Smith said that the murals inside the corridor were the most magnificent ones in the entire cathedral. One of the most amazing things on the murals in the corridor, was these vines that had flowers and birds. What made the mural even more amazing was that the vines spread throughout the entire cathedral. As the tour continued, it was brought to my attention that the vines, flowers, and birds symbolized paradise and Garden of Eden. It is truly incredible how murals can depict a much greater meaning than one may think at a first glance. Throughout the entire tour, more murals and their meaning were pointed out and some talk about the Roman Catholic ritual was discussed as well. One of the rituals practiced by Roman Catholic’s is the seven sacraments which include: baptism, Eucharist, reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, holy orders, and anointing of the sick. Baptism is the first commitment to the Catholic church and can happen at any age. Following baptism is the Eucharist, or communion, and is a symbol of the body of Christ. Every time the cathedral holds mass, the Eucharist is offered ... ... middle of paper ... ...wledge of the Catholic Church and its rituals. In my life, I have always placed all of my interest towards life sciences such as chemistry and biology. That is the reason why I am studying chemistry on a pre-medicine route here at Saint Louis University. Although, after taking a tour of the Cathedral Basilica and almost completing Theological Foundations 1000, I have gained a better appreciation for the Catholic faith. It may seem at times as though I am uninterested in the topics discussed, but that is not always the case. Learning about faith to someone who did not grow up with it can be difficult and frustrating. It is all a learning process, and I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunities I did this semester. I hope in the future, I will be able to take more time to appreciate the Catholic faith, and to dig deeper into what it truly means to be a Catholic

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