My Experience At The Car

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Today is Thursday, October 19th, 2005. I am 10 years old and live with my mother, father, and sister. At least I did this morning. I was released from school today at the same time as I always am and rode the bus home from school just like any other day. However, when I got off the bus, I knew something was amiss. At the end of my driveway sat a car that I did not recognize. Inside the vehicle was a woman that looked familiar, but surely not familiar enough to be getting me off the school bus. I had a queasy feeling in my stomach. My bus driver picked up on my hesitation immediately and directed the woman to come to the door to speak with him. She was dressed as though she was on her way to a business meeting. She had on a black blazer with black dress pants and dress shoes. Her hair was cut into a bob and she had it neatly combed back off of her face. She was certainly not dressed for a casual day of picking me up from school. She told him that she was a distant relative and that my mother had asked her to pick me up. He let me off. When I got into the car with this woman, I had a million questions to ask. I asked her “Why are you getting me off the bus?” “Where is my mom?” “Where is my dad?” “Why are you dressed like that?” but her only response was “You’ll understand soon”. I was not reassured to say the least. When the car finally came to stop, we were at a house that I had never seen. This is when the anxiety kicked in. This woman (who’s name I later found out was Jackie) walked me to the front door of the unfamiliar house. As soon as I stepped inside I was overwhelmed with the smell of cheap Avon perfume and stale cigarettes. As I continued through the musty out-dated house I grew more and more worrisome. Finally, I ... ... middle of paper ... ... sense that it was for the best. Their breakup impacted my life in so many ways, but I can’t seem to think of any negative examples. I now have three step brothers and a step father that I love very much and I can say that my dad’s house is the house that I grew up in and made so many memories in. I wouldn’t say that my view on divorce is that it’s a good thing however. I never want to have to go through a divorce because I know how hard it was for my father and for my younger sister. I also know how much better all of our lives are because of it. Divorce is not a fun thing for a family to have to go through. Heartbreak, depression, and emptiness are all feelings commonly associated with the separation of a family. Hopefully, like in my case it turns out to be for the best though. For some families divorce it is the right choice. For mine that’s exactly what it was.
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