My Experience At High School

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As a child I remember the time I would spend with my father while he was putting on a roof, wiring a house, or remodeling a bathroom. He was a jack-of-all-trades who, at one time or another, was a licensed plumber, electrician, and a carpenter. As I grew older I transitioned from simply fetching tools for him to carrying my own weight on a project and learning new aspects of construction. It was these times working with my father and seeing how much he enjoyed each job that piqued my own interest in construction. In high school I began taking on my own small jobs (building a shed, pouring a parking pad, and wiring a barn for a neighbor). Every time I finished a job I relished being able to look at what I built as a quality, finished product. Knowing the sense of pride I would achieve after a successful job; all the planning, logistics, time, and sweat became enjoyable. As my high school years were coming to an end, it came time to choose what I wanted to study in college. My mind is wired towards math and analytical thinking so my parents and I agreed engineering would be the perfect fit for me. In addition, I knew I wanted to be connected to the construction industry in some way. Civil Engineering seemed like a great choice and Auburn had a top program so I jumped at the chance and enrolled as a Pre-Civil Engineering student. A couple weeks before classes started I ran into a family friend who had graduated Building Sciences from Auburn. I had never heard of the major before, but after he explained what it entailed I began questioning my choice of Civil Engineering. Building Sciences had everything I was looking for in my potential major. Aside from the obvious draw to the technical side of construction, I would learn about t... ... middle of paper ... ...isen to every challenge my education and this industry has given me so far, and in most cases exceeded what was asked of me. I have a tenacious desire to constantly improve myself in order to become a better construction manager, as long as my improvement coincides with how ethical business should be conducted. This desire is reflected in my superb past academic and work performance. Finally, I will improve the profession of construction management throughout my career, as CMAA does. I feel I have an obligation to give back and improve upon this industry I already enjoy so much. This will provide others the opportunity to become successful and integral parts of the industry as well. If selected to receive this award I will strive to represent the essence of CMAA’s mission and vision, to the high standards expected of a recipient, throughout my education and career.

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