My Experience At Harlingen High School

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When it comes to learning about history, students aren’t always excited to learn about the past and memorize important dates. When I was in high school, I wasn’t too enthusiastic to learn about our history. It wasn’t until I had my teacher, Ms. Diana Guerra, who showed me just how amazing the past can be. As a student who wants to pursue a career in education and possibly teach history, I took the opportunity to interview Ms. Guerra at Harlingen High School (HHS) to find out if this is something I would like to continue doing. After having a very exciting face-to-face interview in Ms. Guerra’s classroom, I was able to realize that being a high school teacher isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Although it has its ups and downs, a high school teacher must be prepared for the many challenges they will face each day, be able to provide different methods of learning with the lessons and being able to manage their time for other activities. When walking in her classroom, I saw all the vibrant colors and posters she had on her walls. Pictures of former students, along with informational posters and history puns filled the room with joy to where anyone who walked in the classroom can see this is a teacher who cares about her students. I then saw her at her desk and the moment she saw me, she gave me the biggest, heartwarming welcome that made me realize she was still the same bubbly teacher I had when I was a junior in high school. I knew from that moment on this was going to be an exciting interview with her. One of the things that my former teacher continuously stressed throughout the interview was that each day was a different challenge. She states, “There are some days where everything is going great and no one is giving you tr... ... middle of paper ... ... get graded, what needs to be turned in, and so much more.” Mostly everyone has been exposed to having some kind of due date. I took her advice into consideration because even as of right now I am learning more on how to manage my time for school and for myself. In the end, high school teachers like Ms. Guerra are an important asset in the education system. They must be prepared to face the many challenges each day will bring throughout the school year, being able to make the subject interesting with the lessons, and manage time for other activities. Having this interview with Ms. Guerra allowed me to hear the experiences she has as a teacher, and it has made me much more excited to pursue a degree in education and think of the challenges I will be going through. I look forward to continue on with this major and be able to make a difference with my future students.

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