My Experience At A Team Leader

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So far, my MGT-200 experience has been an enjoyable one. It had a little rough beginning with Mother Nature not being on our side, but now it seems like it is picking up momentum and starting to establish a routine. As I start to gain more confidence in understanding what is required for success in the course, the better I am able to enjoy what I am learning. When the course began, I volunteered myself to be a team leader. Even though I got a basic understanding through fellow classmates on what the role entailed, I was not exactly sure what I got myself into. With that being said, I am glad I stepped up to take the responsibility of being a team leader. The class itself is filled with high expectations, and being a team leader only becomes the “cherry-on-top” of the responsibilities sundae for the course. Once we finally formed as a group, we all came to the agreement that we wanted to be one of the more successful teams in the class. At first, there seemed to be a pressure of getting that done, because of the previous expectations that were left by past classmates. But as roles for my team began to form, the more confident we feel as a unit to achieve our goal. Going into the course, I felt completely overwhelmed. The only thing I knew about the course was the horror stories from my classmates. The fear of a bad group, the fear of a sponsor not cooperating, and the fear of failing expectations is pretty much all I heard last semester from people in the course. When I stepped up to be a team leader, those were all elements I wanted to avoid. I knew stepping up for the position meant I had a little more control in which direction I wanted myself and my group to experience for the course. But, as the team came together and we all... ... middle of paper ... ...g a team contract, and connecting with a sponsor and organization all seems like a semester ago at this point. Going in with all types of nervousness now seems ridiculous to me, as I feel like I am in a much better plan than I expected to be. Even though it has gone better than expected, the next parts of the project will determine where this positive energy goes. I am excited and determined for my group to achieve what we set out to accomplish from the very start. I want to make sure I am there for my team, our sponsor, and for myself. In the past, I have had the tendency to drift off at times, but throughout this project I have not even come close to that. I plan on achieving that personal goal, and staying strong by sticking to this script that has been created. This course so far has been a great learning experience so far, and I am excited to see what is next.
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