My Experience At A Friend 's House Hanging Out With Friends

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May 2016, nice weather, clear skies with a hint of a cool breeze; I was at a friend’s house hanging out with her and her family when I met someone I didn’t know, at the time, would change everything in a matter of weeks. When we met, I was dating someone who my mind and heart were ultimately never sure deserved me; forgive my pretentiousness, for I do not mean to come off as so. Just as predicted, our relationship ended shortly after as it had too many other times before. This left every part of my being vulnerable to the presence of another. When my love and I met, we started off as any two people do, as friends. We stood in front of the line separating us from being together. Soon we began testing this line’s boundaries; we hung out with friends, never alone, always talking or laughing about something. Whether it was grinning over stupid jokes or agreeing about the songs by our favorite band, we were always discovering more connections by the minute. Then, one evening, we decided to go swimming with two other friends. As it got darker and later my then best friend and I found ourselves hiding for about five minutes under a boat dock, waiting for our friends to convince a local deputy that there was no one swimming; that became the start to our weirdly romantic yet, young and somewhat naive relationship. Although this sounds like an overwritten country song or overplayed young romance movie, it’s clearly real how some relationships start off in strange, unplanned ways. A few days later we went back to the lake with my father and two brothers. We fished for about an hour or two together and then went swimming again. Later the same day, he came over to the house to hang out and basically spent the entire day together. From the... ... middle of paper ... ...shared within each other is beyond imagination. Today, my love and I find ourselves forgiving, learning to forget the negative between the both of us, while growing with hands intertwined by gentle fingers. The horrible set of circumstances with the previous mistake became the main focus of what I inevitably want to avoid with anyone, in any type of setting, situation, or relationship. Instead of a contrived perception of how feelings should be, emotions need to be spontaneous by surfacing naturally. I have found inner peace regardless of what happens in the future; my past experiences in the last four months have equipped me with newfound knowledge concerning self-respect; lastly, I am slowly learning what individual pieces make up who I am by the decisions I make and have made, knowing the difference between wanting and needing, and loving the blessings in my life.

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