My English Language: My Mother's Second Language

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English is my second language, Spanish is my mom’s only language. My mom immigrated when she was 17 along with my father. When I turned 10 I got the “talk” not the “birds and bees” talk, I got the “I’m an immigrant”, I asked what that was and she continued by saying “It means that I can be taken any moment if mom isn’t good or you aren’t good”. I was afraid and cried for weeks, because I mean who wants to have their mom taken away? I always hoped of being a famous rock star, actress, pizza maker, but I already was someone I wasn’t aware of. I was a translator and a tutor for my family. Many people hear the stories of undocumented people, what it is like for them, the border, the pain they feel, but what about the pain the children go through…show more content…
I would come home and start on my homework because then it was something I looked forward to doing. I loved my English class but it was a challenge since I couldn’t speak English at home, it wasn 't allowed. I would get a timeout if I used that language because "Aqui se habla inglés el lenguaje que entendemos todos". When I couldn’t understand some homework I would ask my mom for help on writing and math. I remember one specific night because it was the only night I ever yelled at my mom. I asked for her help and kept asking I began getting frustrated because I wanted an A in my homework. She yelled while crying "No se ingles, perdoname hija soy mensa" and I yelled back "I need you to know English. Why can 't you!" I ended up staying up late and heard her cry in her room. I got an A on my homework, but that A didn 't matter anymore I hurt my mom. Kids with parents who cannot speak English suffer a lot from having to do their homework on their own, this affects us in our academic growth and self-esteem. I grew up tutoring myself new words, I had to purchase my first dictionary at age 12 in order to learn new words and not feel dumb in class. My mom would come around and ask if I needed help (after that argument we had) I would say no with a smile on my face just to reassure her I knew what I was doing, but I really had no…show more content…
In my family you have to choose a career that will benefit the family, we will soon have a family doctor, and a cop in the making and other beneficial stuff. I enjoyed law a lot, I loved it, but not the way I love English. My mom planned for me to attend a Law high school, so I did, I graduated, then everybody “knew” I would major in Law. I didn 't. I decided to be an “underpaid” teacher, more specifically English teacher. My mom was upset because she disliked English, the language, the reading, the grammar, everything. We did not speak for four months because of my decision, she was not proud. It hurt to not have my family 's support, but I was not going to let anyone force me to be something I did not want to be. I grew tired of waiting so I decided to be the first to initiate a conversation I went home and sat her down. I explained to her that this career means everything to me and that I need her support to get through it. I reminded her of how her parents forced her to study something she did not like and that forced her to come to America. This talk did help her over the time to understand that I will not be a lawyer rather an underpaid teacher, but a happy
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