My Elementary Lesson Modifications

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Elementary Lesson Modifications
I can modify my elementary lesson by incorporating constructivism principles. Throughout the whole lesson I can guide the students to aid their comprehension and understanding instead of constantly correcting them or giving them the correct answers. Scaffolding is another strategy I can incorporate into my lesson. By using it, I can correct errors and help students develop higher level thinking skills. This strategy is very effective in helping teachers guide the students to help them understand the new information and can be applied to whole group, small group and individual students. Providing the students with multiple opportunities for practice will allow them to construct meaning and develop a deeper understanding of the material being taught. Allowing them to work collaboratively will help the teacher develop a learning community and the
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I believe that changing the teacher’s role will not only improve this lesson, but all future ones as well. Becoming a facilitator will allow me to take a more passive role, allowing the students to become active members. They will be able to actively participate in the lessons while I guide them to construct meaning. Scaffolding will allow me to correct any mistakes while allowing the children to solve the math problems. It will help them develop higher thinking skills and aid students’ understanding. Providing multiple opportunities for practice will help the students make connections to develop deeper understanding. Collaborative work will allow them to work with their peers to complete the problems and develop the skills needed. Working in groups allows them to learn from one another. I believe constructivism will help the students develop a deeper understanding about fractions and mixed numbers by providing them with the skills and strategies they need to be able to construct
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