My Educational Philosophy

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My Educational Philosophy

When I become a teacher I will strive to better my student’s life not only intellectually, but also socially and emotionally. I will strive to learn from them as much as I teach them; in hopes to become a better teacher to my future pupils. I was inspired to do this by a special teacher who is also my ideal teacher. Mr. Bishop, my junior high teacher, was a big role model to me; he is a teacher whom I model myself after. He is a teacher who always had an answer to everything. Sometimes, I think that he must be the wisest man I know. If you ever needed help he was there for you. Mr. Bishop is a teacher to this day that I trust in and talk to, and I think that’s the way every teacher should be. I hope that after I graduate and become a teacher that I will be someone’s role model or someone a student can come and talk to when they may have a problem and can trust in. As an educator I want to motivate my students to learn. I hope to build their confidence and self-esteem to overcome fears of failure and strive to reach their goals and dreams.

There are many reasons why I want to become a teacher, but the main reason would be that I love the feeling of helping someone be the best person they can be. When I think that I would have a part in this process it makes all my efforts worth everything. Teachers play a very vital role in today’s society. Without teachers there would be no doctors, lawyers, or any other professions. Every skilled working person in America can attribute some of his or her abilities or skills to a teacher. A good teacher does not only teach curriculum, but he or she also teaches children about life. A classroom should make children feel emotionally fit, because not all of them have that stability at home. A good teacher laughs with their students, but knows when to be serious. Children need good teachers, and I intend to become one.

When I become a teacher, my classroom will consist of many different colors to give the children a sense of a fun atmosphere.
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