My Educational Beliefs Align With The Philosophy Of Education

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My educational beliefs align with the philosophy of progressivism. Every teacher, whether they are aware or not, has a set of beliefs or a philosophy of education. This philosophy influences what, why and how students are taught. A philosophy of education answers these questions about the purpose of schooling, a teacher 's role, student’s role, what should be taught and by what means. These are all important things to think about when becoming an educator, and how my views will influence the learning outcomes of my students. The purpose of schooling in today’s democratic society is to help students strengthen their skills in decision making and problem solving. If we start modeling what life is like in a democratic society, students will be better prepared for the real world that they will be thrown into after graduation. My goal in the class room is to foster the ability to enhance problem solving skills and be able to make moral, ethical, and educated decisions. To achieve these goals, I believe the role of the teacher is to be a resource person. I will always be there to answer...
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