My Educational Autobiography: Careena Loy

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Educational Autobiography I am Careena Loy and in this essay I am going to conclude talking about my high school experience. Through my past education I went through good and bad experiences where it me to struggle now through college. I also learned things out of school that made me who I am today. I will also be sharing the ways I have been praised because of my hard work and it has got me to where I am right now. Overall, high school was not a good experience for me just because there was a lot of drama and I wanted to be in college already with mature adults. One good experience that I have had in my previous education would be taking an art class. It was good because I ended up to really loving it. I had a nice outgoing teacher and she made fall in love with drawing. The way she taught it opened up my eyes to a whole different perspective. The physical environment was beautiful too it was a big classroom like a loft then all the walls were painted. My favorite was the biggest…show more content…
I was in her English class which ended up being horrible so i had to switch to another class and succeeded with another teacher. Me and my friend Luis was in her fashion club and we always helped her out with whatever she needed us to do. So she would dismiss us from classes sometimes to help her out with preparing for fashion shows for the school. Some other kids helped her as well and disobeyed her by leaving the class to play around the campus. When it came to the office dismissing our tardiness or absences we needed our teacher to sign off our papers. When we came to her to have it signed off she refused to sign it just because other kids disobeyed her time. After that I did not like the teacher and never interacted with her or helped her again. It was not fair how we put a lot of hard work to design and sowed dresses for her fashion show to be spectacular and she betrayed us like
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