My Dream Life

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June 5, 2014 was graduation day, one of the saddest days to date, the day where I left behind all my high school memories in pursuit of a career in education. It was a windy day that was at times a bit cold but in general was a gorgeous day. The birds were chirping as Mrs. Swett gave a speech and brought up how this graduating class was by far her favorite and that is why she is retiring, because you can’t get better than the best. After the last diploma is received and the tassel on the hat is switched to the other side, the ceremony was over and everyone began taking pictures and sharing laughter while some tears were indeed shed. It was a fantastic night not only leading into our adulthood, but also marked the start of our adventure of life. After a summer of hard work to save money with little time to play I continue my adventure on to one of the most memorable days that wrote a new chapter of my book of life. It was moving day where I packed up all my necessities and moved into my dorm room at the University of Maine in Farmington. My roommate, who was also one of my best frien...
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