My Dream In College

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Going to college has always been a dream of mine. To some people that may seem strange, but for me it’s been a dream. I’m the first person on my dad’s side of the family to attend a four year university, and I plan on being the first one to graduate. I came to college for more than just that, however. College is going to help me more in life than I realize. It’s going to make me into the person that I’ve always wanted to be, and the degree that I get will get me the job that I’ve wanted since I was fourteen years old. I have faced some obstacles getting here, but I know it will all be worth it once I get my degree. When thinking about what obstacles I had getting to this point at WSU I can only think of a few. One of them was high school.…show more content…
People skills is one of them. In college there are a lot of people that you’re around on the daily basis. Gaining people skills will help you develop more friends and better friendships. I feel like college is a great place to gain better people skills. Another thing that I would like to gain from my college experience is memories. So far in the first three weeks of college I’ve already made quite a few memories with new people. WSU always has things going on that people can get involved with. I try my hardest to get involved with those things because you get to make friends and make a lot of great memories. The last thing that I hope to gain from my college experience is the grades that will enable me to pursue everything that I want to do in life. Having good grades is the only way that I can get my college degree and get to do the things that I want to after college. Without good grades I couldn’t be able to do the things that I want to do later on in my…show more content…
The most important thing that getting a college degree is the opportunity I will have to get a job. With the career choice that I want, which is accounting, I have endless opportunities. I can get a job anywhere in the United States if I wanted, and I have a choice on what type of accounting I can do. I could do people’s taxes, I could be an auditor, or I could do accounting for a company. The opportunities that I have are endless and that’s why I love the field that I’m going into. A college degree will help me get where I’m wanting to go. Other benefits of getting a college degree is that I will be able to get provide for my family whenever I have a family. Getting a job as an accountant I can have quite a few benefits and I shouldn 't have to worry a whole lot about job stability because there’s always going to be a need for
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