My Dream Career

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When I was a little girl my dream career was to be a vet or to go out to places where people didn’t have nothing to eat and help them with whatever I could. Now that I am older I realized that life is not easy as I thought it was when I was a little girl. For example that I could go and help people that didn’t have anything to help them survive. In order for me to help people that have nothing I have to get money to be able to help them with things I can actually afford. Now that I am older want to have a career that I will be happy to go to work and not see it as another day. My first option for a career was to be a Nursing Assistant, but I noticed that wasn’t my strongest passion. So I decided to go to Early Childhood Education since ever…show more content…
It will help me working in daycare centers so when I want to be a daycare teacher I already have experience and I don’t have to go through the whole trouble where they don’t accept me because I don’t have any experience. I needed to take 4 Early Childhood Education classes in order for me to get my early childhood aide certificate. Now I am working on my 18 credit hours for that I need 4 Early Childhood Education classes and two Early Childhood Education program electives. For me to get my Early Childhood Education Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree I need an overall of 64 credit hours in order for me to get my degree. Before getting my degree I will be getting each one of the certificates that the program offers so I can start getting a job that focuses in the career I enjoy doing. By me getting the certificate I qualify to be a daycare or preschool teacher, but to be a professional preschool teacher, I have to transfer to a four year college so I can focus in preschool and kindergarten
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