My Dream As A Teacher

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Teaching has been my dream profession since I was in eighth grade and has helped motivate me to be my best self ever since then. The summer going into eighth grade my girl scout troop did our silver award project where we created a summer academic curriculum for once homeless preschoolers and kindergarteners, that were currently in transitional housing at Saint Elizabeth lodge, who were behind in school. Every Wednesday that summer I spent two hours teaching and playing with those children and my life has not been the same since. Another reason I want to go into the teaching profession is because of the indescribable feeling when you get to see a child’s eyes light up when they finally achieve and comprehend something you have been teaching them and they have been struggling with. Seeing a child after this moment is exceptionally rewarding, because they are typically extremely happy and proud of themselves and that feeling will help them problem solve, build confidence, and face more difficult challenges in the future. Lastly, I want to be a teacher, because education is essential to have in the world we live in today. Getting an education provides people with the skills they need to succeed in life and to achieve their goals. I hope that by becoming a teacher I can help children learn the skill sets that will help them achieve later in life.
After my wonderful experience with my silver award project, I have tried to get as much childcare experience as I could to see if this was indeed the right career path for me. My freshmen through junior year in high school every summer I was the lead teacher for either kindergarteners or first graders for my church’s vacation bible school. Additionally, I interned in a kindergarten classroo...

... middle of paper ... and safest environment possible. Furthermore, I am passionate that children should have a teacher that is devoted to giving them the skillsets they need in order to achieve their dreams. Lastly, I feel like my outgoing personality will help me in the classroom. I plan to use this trait to help bring children out of their shells and make them feel comfortable in a classroom setting, they can learn. In addition, my outgoingness brings out my easy going, joyful, and imaginative side. I am a firm believer that life and learning should be fun and enjoyable, and I hope I can teach my children that learning is fun and to focus on the positive things about themselves and in their lives, in order for them to live happier lives. I hope that if I become a teacher that my personal strengths can help children flourish and realize the greatness that has always been within them.
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