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For me continuing my education was always associated with the dream. I am native of a small country Pakistan where getting education for the girls is very difficult. Society looks at girl education as not right because they should always stay at home. Things changed when my mother took a first step in my family to make my way towards education. She doesn’t want me to stay at home, and end up like other girls. She wants me to be independent make a difference. She wants me to live my dream not the one society wants me to live. I always wanted to do my best in my studies. Despite of all the hardships I never got distracted from my goals. I still remember when I was back in my country, everyone around me was not much educated. I always felt a…show more content…
I had to face all the difficulties that any immigrant had to face. The biggest problem was the language problem for me. I had no idea how educational career worked here. It was the 360 degree change not only in my studies but also in my atmosphere. In the beginning I could not be able to express myself with the people around me. I often felt frustrated and lonely. People told me that for starting my education just at that time will be hard, because I just start learning English language. Regardless of all those discouraging comments Mount Wachusetts Community college gave me a new meaning of education. I started MWCC with the pre semester classes. There was a great language barrier between me and my class fellows. Then I met Mrs. Heather March; she was my RDG 098 instructor. She not only helped me to get through language barrier, but also encourages me and motivates me to get good grades in my classes. While I was taking my classes my instructors told me about the STEM scholarships. This was the biggest turn in my educational career. My instructors supported me a lot in getting this scholarship for summer 2015 by writing recommendations

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