My Doctor, My Lover, the Movie

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A quick summary on the movie “My Doctor, My Lover” and what I understand what the film was about. A 30-year-old woman is feeling depressed and guilty about an extramarital affair she has just ended. She goes to a psychiatrist, but her condition keeps getting worse. After a year and a half, she quits therapy with him following a discussion in his office about how she and the doctor feel about each other. They then begin a sexual affair. The Colorado, Dr. Jason Richter, admitted to having sex with his former patient, Melissa Roberts-Henry. The dispute was whether he took advantage of her condition, as her lawsuit said, or whether she willingly entered into the relationship, as he said.
Even though this film was made in 1991, it was a powerful portrayal of what is ethical in a psychiatrist and his client relationship. I believe want Dr. Richter did was completely unethical and should have had more penalties against him and not his insurance. I believe most people who gain the courage to see a psychiatrist are vulnerable and fragile and should be handled with care. This doctor did not do this. He had only his well being in mind which was having a sexual conquest.
I would hate to call a woman weak minded but it was clear in watching the movie that she might have some of these characterizes and might be prone to suggestibility with easy letting her to be open to influence and exploitation. That is exactly what happened. I believe the Doctor was aware of this and took advantage of her state of mind and turmoil. I believe because she came to see him in such a state that he processed to cause damage mentally.
I was surprised that the relationship last 3 years and that it took her husband so long to notice her depressed state. ...

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...eatens, abuses, or intimidates the other. The Doctor isolated her from friends and family. She became suicidal, depressed and started cutting herself. What is even more hypercritical is that he even put in his notes that having sex with her would be destructive to her.
In conclusion, I am appalled that the doctor got off free. Yes, his insurance took a hit but it should have been him. In my experience with seeing a psychiatrist, I have never had one approach me in a sexual way. I believe it one did, I would try to get a new psychiatrist and possibly report him/her to the hospital that they work out. I would be interested if there has been any current cases that involved doctors and they client’s sexual behavior. I honestly believe that is a reason why ethical laws were made. It is because of doctors like this one that thinks it is okay to do what they want.

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