My Development As A Literacy Learner And Future Educator

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Language, literacy literature are the foundations of modern life, having permeated their way into nearly every aspect of the digital age. Current students are bombarded with information in a variety of formats daily. Which is why it is paramount for current education to ensure that students are exposed and taught a wide range of different text types in multitude of ways, which are meaningful for current of digital natives. Students need to be given plenty options and be able to see the purpose for their learning with strong connections to their world. This essay with comprehensively justify how the chosen artefact will enhance students learning in regards to text-types will critical exploring my development as a literacy learner and future educator, whiles melding in the theoretical perspectives that match and enhance my understanding of both. Artefact Justification Current students live in an age, with the ability to be in constant communication and have the answer to all life’s questions answered with a few clicks (REFRENCE). Students are digitally savvy and teachers are now not the only knowledge banks that the students have readily to them (REFRENCE), which is why I have aimed some of my artefacts to directly link to their fondness for digital media. The YouTube clips allow students to learn and gather more information regarding climate change with out having been handed the information from the teacher. Within this resource I have picked a topic that students will be able to gage a general sense of why its important to understand the information quickly thus they are able to see a propose for their learning. Which has been discussed by (REFRENCE) to help students to have higher retention rates, while meeting their current... ... middle of paper ... ... enhancing their communication skill and their critical thinking skills. The ever-changing world that students will be entering is something that teachers will need to take into account when they are planning and structuring learning for their students. Students of the twenty first century need more verity and individualization within their learning to ensure that they are able to flourish and adapt to the world around them. Which is why its paramount for educators to introduce learners to a wide verity of text types from a young age. Being able to decipher and understand what they are reading is a key skill for students to learn the world around them. Overall teachers need to ensure that the cover all of the text types that are available to them to guarantee that students of the future are able to effectively integrate and participate in the twenty first century.

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