My Desire To Become a Doctor

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Over my high school career, I put a lot of thought into my future. Finding out my passion in life outside of the realm of running and hobbies never really came to me until the beginning of my junior year.

My freshman and sophomore schedules were filled with electives chosen in order to determine my interests. European history, music history, and business principles, though three very interesting classes, successfully ruled out the arts, classics, and business school. I thoroughly enjoyed the sciences of biology and chemistry, but it never occurred to me that I would be able to build a successful future off of science alone.

When it came the time to pick classes for junior year, my counselor advised us to choose courses that would both interest us and challenge us. I already was required to take physics, but I figured my schedule needed another science course since those were the classes that interested me the most. I looked through the program guide and one course caught my eye: Introduction to Sports Medicine. This class seemed both challenging and interesting, so I decided to take it.

On the first day of junior year, my sports medicine teacher (and also the head athletic trainer) told our class that in November, we would be taking a trip to the Northern Illinois University cadaver lab. I didn’t know what to think: would it be a fascinating or disturbing experience? It turned out that visiting the cadaver lab completely changed my idea about the future. I wanted to study the human body for a living; I wanted to be a doctor.

In order to prepare me to become a doctor, I need to study a science in college. I have indicated biology as my major on my application because this is the science I am most interested in and it will equip me with the essential skills for applying to medical school and doing well on the MCATs. Since Johns Hopkins has one of the best medical schools in the nation, I can’t think of a better school to attend for an undergraduate degree.
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