My Desire For A Education

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I do not have to sacrifice my desire for a well-rounded education for a BA. This is why Georgetown’s Jesuit philosophy falls perfectly in line with what I want out of my undergraduate experience. I want to fulfill my long-time interest in business while simultaneously exploring all my other interests in mathematics, economics, entrepreneurship, and history.While some people might find the core curriculum a burden, I find it intriguing. In highschool, I took a wide variety of classes instead of focusing in one area. I want to continue this in college because it is important to maintain a strong background in all subjects. A broad education will create strong reasoning and critical thinking skills which will be helpful in meeting the challenges of the global economy. These skills and knowledge of a variety of subjects will allow me to go in many different fields of work after graduating and set me apart from students who specialized very narrowly during their undergraduate years. Not only do I want to pursue a well-rounded education, but I want to gain a strong cultural perspective. This can be achieved through both Georgetown’s dedication to giving its students a global perspective and study abroad, especially the Hong Kong Summer Program. As the world grows smaller with rapidly advancing technology, it is important now than ever to develop to have an understanding of the world. The program in Hong Kong is interesting to me because I want to work in an emerging and fast growth economy. It will be interesting learning about the interworking’s of an economy of an entirely different city. Hong Kong plays a key role in global commerce. I would love to experience this first hand. Georgetown fosters a collaborative community, a un... ... middle of paper ... ...are the perfect opportunities for me to network and apply what I have learned in class to competitions and real-life scenarios. I would love to be able to collaborate with other like-minded students who want to create businesses and solve problems. In order to support my interest in marketing, the Georgetown Advertising and Marketing Association will provide me with supplemental education as well as develop good experiences through job opportunities. In reality I won’t be able to join all these clubs and programs, but I am excited to further explore them. I choose to study business at Georgetown University because of the well rounded education and expansive opportunities offered. These areas of study as well as extracurriculars will help me build a strong base for my business career, but will also holistically develop my abilities for a complete, well-balanced life.
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