My Death Of My Grandpa's Death With A Grandfather

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Grandpas Death Never take your family for granted. That is something that I did not once, but twice. The first time I ever experienced death with a close family member was with my aunt. I was only seven years old, so I had not even thought about death yet. It was my sisters 4th Birthday Party. We had all of our family members in our garage celebrating. I remember the birthday was Dora the Explorer themed. She had a Dora cake, and got many Dora themed gifts, including a purple and orange scooter. It was towards the end of the party and people were starting to say their goodbyes. I vividly remember my aunt walking down my driveway, turning around, and waving goodbye. I never would have thought that would be the last time I would ever see her…show more content…
I felt very close with my grandpa. He would come to everything that I was involved in, and whenever he came to town, he made it a point to stop by our house even for just a few minutes. During my 7th grade year I became very distant with my family. That year I guess I thought friends were a priority over family. I wish I would have realized I was wrong before it was too late. Every time anyone in my family came over I instantly went up to my room. My mom would call up to my room for me to say hi and I would ignore her. Thankfully, I am over that stage in my life, and I actually enjoy visiting with my family. We had just gotten out of school for the 2013 Christmas break, and I was so excited to not have to go to school for a few weeks. Little did I know that my life was going to change forever. We got out on a Friday and we had our family Christmas that next Saturday. My mom’s parents are divorced, but even though they are divorced, and my grandpa is remarried, we still have holidays together and every year we rotate whose house it will be at. This year it happened to be at my Grandma’s…show more content…
I went about my day like any other Sunday is around here. My family spends our Sundays relaxing and watching tv. Around 5:00 I was painting my nails and my mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner when the phone rang. I heard my mom answer the phone and then I heard her say “is he okay?!” When my sister and I heard that we looked at each other and wondered who she was on the phone with and who was she asking if they were okay? After a short conversation on the phone my mom ran in and said we had to go to the farm house. We asked why and all she could say was “Grandpa’s sick”. I ran upstairs, put on some normal looking clothes, and ran back downstairs so we could go. My dad was at my aunt’s house getting his hair cut and we were trying to get a hold of him, but we then realized that his phone was on the table in the house. We decided to leave a note and then I would call my uncle to see if he was near my dad. On the note I wrote “Grandpa Don is sick and they are giving him CPR. We are going to the farm now.” I really did not want to call my uncle because he was an alcoholic and he was a very mean drunk, but I knew I had to do it to get a hold of my dad and let him know what was going on. Sure enough, when I called my uncle he was already drunk. I asked him if he was near my dad and I sort of heard him say that my dad had just left, but it was very hard to understand. I was so frustrated with what was going on that I just hung up the
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