My Day In Africa

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My day in Africa was one I 'll not soon forget. I toured two major cities of Morocco-land of mystery, enticement, and enchantment. I was expecting belly dancers, snake charmers, and many exotic sights filled with color and intricate decoration. While I did see some of what I expected, the majority of what I saw was totally unexpected and will haunt me forever.

As I boarded the ship that was to take me across the Mediterranean Sea to the northern shores of Morocco, I felt an array of mixed emotions. Mainly, I was excited. After all, I was only 13 and about to become "tricontinental." The previous five days I had spent in sunny Spain, and now I was to travel to Africa for one day. Besides excited, I also felt deeply intrigued and mystified. Moroccans practice the Muslim religion, and Arabic is one of their main languages. This may seem a bit prejudiced, but as I took my seat in the boat, the song "Arabian Nights" was playing over and over in my mind..
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After we had docked and debarked the ship, we were led straight to a bus. My first glimpse of Africa wasn 't too exciting, since it was just pretty much like Andalucia, the southern region of Spain. It was a little warmer here, though, being so close to the equator.

We rode for a while and then stopped to have our passports checked in a city owned by Spain. This is when I had my first "real" glimpse of Morocco.

There was trash strewn all over alongside the old, cracked pavement of the road. Natives attending to their business stopped for a moment to stare at the tour bus that held so many foreigners. Of course, they could scarcely see us because of the tinted fezzes, which he sold for 100 dirham, or about 10 dollars.

I said, "No, thank you."

The man replied, "Oh, you buy from in store but don 't buy from the street,

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