My Daughter - Original Writing

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At 13, I rarely saw my thirty-something year old big sister. I admired her sleek hair and impeccable outfit as my mom and I drove up to her house, a two story white cottage. Even Chloe, my niece, was adorable as she ran to meet me in her pink crocs and jacket, shouting how glad she was to see me. Kristin suggested we go out for the day, changing our plans from a casual hangout. She was so brilliant, and I saw her so infrequently, that I scrambled to meet her request. I darted to the car, wrestling Chloe into her seat, swearing to sing the entire trip to Chuck E Cheese, and mentally praising my sister for her terrific idea. I wedged myself between Chloe’s massive car seat and the giant stroller, leaving little room to move. I could only see straight ahead, through the windshield as my sister started the purring engine. She hurriedly swerved backwards out of the driveway and rammed the car into drive before accelerating down the street, grinning at me in the rearview mirror. She set her eyes on the road ahead, and absentmindedly rubbed her stomach. “Strawberry Short-cake! She’s a very...

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