My Dad Influenced Me Essay

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Dads are very important to his children wouldn’t you say? My dad is my rock he has always been there for me through everything. Even though I have disappointed him in many kinds of ways he will always make sure to look over the things that I did wrong and always look at my good. My dad has influenced me in important ways, by teaching me self-reliance, and just teaching me the main things on how to be a good person. My dad has always lived in the Fairview community for most of his life. Living in the Fair view area landed daddy at the school of Kinston. He attended Kinston from kindergarten until he graduated. My dad later went off to LBW at the Opp campus where he later received a degree in industrial electronics. Then he found himself…show more content…
My dad isn’t your person that sleeps late at all. If he sleeps past six in the morning he calls that sleeping in. So why not go hunting if you wake up early. My dad has always kept me and my brother outdoors. My dad has been in a hunting club since he was about thirty years old and the same hunting club that he hunts in today he was in when he was thirty. I have followed his same footsteps, I can remember waking up early for hunting and getting in my dad’s ranger to head down to the hunting club and we would be the first people there. The hunting we did is a little different than what most people do. We use dogs in the hound bloodline that will track the scent of a deer and will run the deer. The goal is to have enough people to surround a block of woods and hopefully the dogs run the deer right on top of one of our standers. The love I have for dog hunting I can truly say I got from my dad. After years of hunting my dad eventually talked himself into getting his own pack of dogs. I won’t never forget my first deer I killed. My dad told me to stay where he was parked at and he was going to turn the dogs out across the clear cut we was at. I stayed there for it seemed like an hour I was so anxious this is the first time I got to take a stand all by myself. Eventually my dad turned his new dogs out and could you believe that they jumped a deer and was running right to me? I could hear my dad
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