My Culture: The Subcluture Of Punk Rock

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The Subcluture Of Punk Rock has influenced my out look on the world by broadening my mind through the music and people that surrounded me. This expansion of knowledge through compassion, respect and challenging others ideas has shaped my own identity as a punk -vegetarian.
Punk Rock has shaped me through music and through my personal experiences with the punks. Attending Punk shows and seeing first hand the aggressive, loud and political stand points felt like home. To someone unfamiliar with this sub-culture, a concert hall with a Punk show seems like a world of loud destruction. Through the door you experience sensory overload. Smelling the heavy scent of cigarettes, liquior and sweat in the hot air. Ears begin ringing due to the loud
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Viewing a hoard of people mindlessly throwing their body and limbs around. This in not chaos. This is my home away from home. Concerts are the time for punks to enjoy their favorite bands, expressing their political or social views, have fun and relate to others. The people I have met at these shows are kind, respectful individual’s, regardless of their heavy hardware and unduplicated edgy looks. I’ve been to various shows before but a fond memory of feeling at Home was in 2011. My boyfriend at the time had took me to a show in Flagstaff, Az of his friends band called Unstable Youth. This is where I had my first real experience with punks and working the merch booth. Litening to the bands like The Ramones, The Casulaties, NOFX, Misfits, Rancid, and Social Distortion, then being able to first had meet a underground punk band and see the subculture was surreal at the moment. Random people that I have never met gave me respect and trust. The trust with merchandise and exchange of money. This trust was given because I was part of this subculture. In exchange I was given band merch and drinks. Monx and his band had made me feel welcome, comfortable and made sure I was having fun the entire night. The…show more content…
Culture, simply put is the things that we do during our day; a way of life that we choose to have. Punk music had always made an influence on me. Through the lyrics I had gained knowledge. Through the knowledge I had gained positive changes to my life. The music I had found when I was only 10 years old starting with Green Day, Blink 182 and Sum 41 that brought me to a culture that meshed with my persona and lifestyle choices.. Even though the steryotypical irrationalities and actions of others where harsh growing up, this subculture became my identidy. The punk subculture is my way of life, that formed my
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