My Cruise Experience

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Last summer, my family and me went on a seven day cruise to three different places. We had been on one cruise before but this one was longer. My mom had told me about this while before we went on the trip. We took a plane down to florida where the boat was. It took a very long time for us to get through all of the check places. After that, we had to wait even longer for them to call our number so we could go on the boat. After about 45 minutes of sitting there, we were finally going on the boat. My sister was probably the most excited one out of all of us but we were all happy. The first 2 days we were out on the water, we had mostly just walked around the boat. There were a lot of activities like ping pong and swimming and other stuff like…show more content…
That place was more of shopping than anything. My family and me were out there for like 2 hours looking and buying things. The one thing that was surprising, is that my mom bought a ring when she was there, and same with my grandma. We also saw a underwater bar where people were swimming and showing us cool things about it. After the shopping spree that my family had, we went out for lunch. And at that place there was swimming and all sorts of things. My mom and my sister and also signed up to go swimming with the dolphins. My grandma and me got worried that we wouldn't have time to get on the boat. So me and my grandma left early to get back on the boat. My mom and my sister with my grandpa all made it back in time. They said it was very fun and they had some videos of them swimming with them. Awhile later we had left for belize. When we got to belize, we had to take a boat to shore. There was not much that there was to do there. There was just mostly shops, we took some pictures and looked through shops. I got a mini skate board there, it was really hard to ride and when I stepped on it, I just fell right away. I also got this color changing shirt that looked really cool. On the way back to the boat it was very windy and there was alot of waves. The boat was going up and down so fast. That was pretty fun. When we got back to the boat we had a couple hours till we