My Cousin's Exodus from Somalia

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Life is full of ups and downs that are far beyond our control. People react differently when circumstances force them do some thing that they are not willing. Some people become out of control or try to fight when things do not go in their own way. Others become stronger and got strength to pass through tough circumstance until they reach what they really want. What ever the case is, it is important to have a positive attitude that can truly save one’s life.

My cousin was an educated person. His father, who was a wealthy man before the civil war overcame in Somalia, sent him to Italy to study. He studied in there and came back with a degree in medicine, just a few years before the war, and then he got married and worked in a hospital. He was content. Soon, the civil war started and people begun to flee, especially those who were wealthy, involved in politics or were from same tribe of the president for they were subject to looting or killing. Therefore, my cousin and some of his family were amongst the people who fled first, and he left behind his wife and two young children. People who remained there mostly women and children were expecting that the war will subside almost immediately, and those who run, were hopeful that they will come back shortly, but neither became precise. After that, the war increased and it forced to those who stayed behind to get out of Mogadishu. My cousin’s wife together with her family ended up in Kismayo, a port city located 328 miles southwest of Mogadishu and she stayed there for five years. My cousin reached in Kenya and he was amongst many people who got an opportunity to come to America as a refugee. When he came to America, he could not get a job for his English language barrier. Although, he ...

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...e will get back at them, those bastards, sons of bastard pigs, for humiliating his father” (109).

Life has many positive and negative changes that may come up any time and anywhere in the world, which are beyond our control. Some times, it is difficult for some people to handle a tough situation that they encounter in life pathway. Instead of getting through in an unanticipated situation, some people develop a negative attitude, deem to fight, become out of control when things do not go in their own way and stick on their past which brings nothing but feeling anger and misfortune. It is better to relate with positive people who may have a positive viewpoint about live or can offer a good word of encouragement. The author’s purpose is that we cannot judge or blame people with whatever situation that they are in because the circumstances can put them anywhere.

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